The Quinte Manufacturers Association (QMA) was started in March 2005 to provide a forum for addressing issues common to all manufacturers in the Greater Bay of Quinte Region. The QMA is a regeneration of the former Quinte District Manufacturers Association which itself was superseded by the Quinte District Superintendents’ Association.

While there are a number of active associations and councils that represent a variety of business interests, the QMA is the only locally driven and controlled organization focused on the needs of the Greater Bay of Quinte manufacturing community. QMA members may choose to belong to other organizations for a variety of reasons but the QMA is the vehicle for a local voice of industry that tackles issues at the local level. The QMA also provides a local networking and information sharing opportunity for all members. To make this a truly inclusive association there is no cost for manufacturers to be a member of the QMA as primary administrative and financial support is provided by the Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC).

The QMA represents Greater Bay of Quinte Region’s manufacturers that directly employ over 11,460 people (2011 census) and that cover a diverse cross section of sectors including:

  • Food Processing
  • Plastics & Packaging
  • Logistics
  • Auto Parts
  • Aerospace

The benefits to participating in the QMA include:

  • Economic development partners leveraging funding and services on behalf of manufacturers by having QMA represent all local manufacturers
  • Accessing forums for networking with neighbouring companies, either in person at various events or electronically as desired
  • Sharing of expertise and learning from the “best practices” of others between manufacturing operations
  • Capitalizing on multi-company training and skill development opportunities with the Loyalist Training & Knowledge Centre
  • Working in cooperation with the most senior staff from local Chambers of Commerce to bring member concerns to all levels of government
  • Providing a forum to investigate possible purchasing, supply chain or supporting services opportunities
  • Creating together a better place to work and to live