Steering Committee

The QMA steering committee is made up of volunteers that work to provide a structure for action for local manufacturing leaders to share information, learn from others, and cooperate towards common goals and strategic directions. Input from local manufacturers is welcome either on the steering committee or with items to be considered by the steering committee.


  • Manufacturers’ active or retired senior level managers & other selected key plant leaders
  • Steering Committee Members are volunteers as is the Chair Position. The Chair Position is to be reviewed every year end to ensure that both the Chair and the Steering Committee majority agree to the continuation of the Present Chair.
  • Steering Committee Membership includes support from:
    • Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) & the QEDC’s Manufacturing Resource Center (MRC)
    • Loyalist College and Loyalist Training & Knowledge Centre (LTKC)
    • Trenval Business Development Corporation
    • The most senior staff from local Chambers of Commerce